Q: How long will it take to fill my AutoHeatshield® order? 

A: Almost all orders are shipped within 3 business days following your online order.

Q: Will I receive an e-mail confirmation for my order? 

A: Yes, shortly after you place your order online you will be e-mailed a confirmation. You will also receive an email confirmation when your order ships with a tracking number.

Q: How long will it be until I receive my AutoHeatshield®? 

A: We ship via UPS ground so it may take 3-7 business days to arrive.

Q: Out of what material are the AutoHeatshields made? 

A: The AutoHeatshield® material is simple and unique. A special metallized polyester film, laminated to a thin layer of closed-cell foam, with a clear polyester film back. Designed especially for AutoHeatshields, this laminate is sturdy and reflective, and it has excellent insulating properties.

Q: How are AutoHeatshields made? 

A: AutoHeatshield® sunshades are custom cut using the latest in computer-aided cutting technology. Then they are sewn around the edge with a cloth binding.

Q: How much cooler will the AutoHeatshields keep the interior of my car? 

A: We’ve measured a temperature difference of as much as 40˚ F (25˚ C.), but you will feel an average temperature reduction in your car of about 25˚ F.

Q: Is there a warranty on the AutoHeatshields? A: There is a two-year warranty on the AutoHeatshields. You must provide us with proof of purchase.

Q: What side faces out, the white side or the shiny, reflective silver side? A: Your intuition is correct. The shiny, reflective silver side faces out.