Why Use AutoHeatShield®

Car Stays cooler.
We’ve measured a temperature difference of as much as 40˚ F (25˚ C.) Even in 60 degree weather the interior of a car can rise above 110 degress without the use of an AutoHeatshield® sunshade. By using an AutoHeatshield® sunshade you can protect your vehicle’s interior, electronics, and make driving a comfortable experience again.

Fits right!
Unlike other sunshades that just never fit right, the AutoHeatshield® is custom made for every vehicle using advanced computer-aided laser technology.

No fasteners.
The AutoHeatshield® is designed to be supported with the car’s sunvisors alone.  No Velcro, no suction cups, or anything else!

Easy to use.
We’ve also designed the AutoHeatshield® with convenience in mind. A quick unroll, a drop of your vehicle sun visors, and you’re ready go to. And storage is even easier with the attached Velcro strap.

An AutoHeatShield® is easy to install.

  • Just unroll it across dash.
  • Lift the AutoHeatShield® against glass.
  • Lower sunvisors for support.

An AutoHeatshield® is stiff enough to be supported by the sunvisors alone, but it is flexible enough to be bent around the rearview mirror.

An AutoHeatShield® is simple to use, but just as easy to store!

  • Lift sunvisors and pull sunshade down
  • Roll up from end to end.
  • Wrap the attached Velcro strap around the roll.

An AutoHeatShield® is light and flexible, so storage is quick and easy. But it also has a memory to be flat, so it quickly unrolls out flat for each use.

Protect your vehicle’s interior, electronics, and make driving a comfortable experience again with an AutoHeatshield®.


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