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Each package Contains a USB thumb drive with your Template as specified by you and is customized for the vehicle manufacturer of your choice. (42 Manufacturers Currently Available). Also included on the thumb drive, for AUTO text selection, are 44 typical accessory/ accessory package installations. And finally, a supply of 250 blank Addendum Stickers.

Item: 01
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AutoHeatShields are all custom-made and fit for every make and model vehicle. Every AutoHeatShield® sunshade will fit differently as there are differences in rearview mirror mount locations, side windshield frame (A-pillar) designs, Headliners, and dash designs, as well as windshield shapes and sizes. We pattern the AutoHeatShields directly off of the windshields of the new cars and trucks so we can take into account these unique differences into our product design.

STEP 1: Unroll AutoHeatShield® across dash. Make sure AutoHeatShield® is centered in windshield and placed as far down where glass meets dash.

STEP 2: Tuck the AutoHeatShield® sunshade behind rearview mirror, if mounted on windshield. It is okay to bend the sunshade.

STEP 3: Lift the AutoHeatShield® sunshade against the glass. Adjust it in the windshield, and it may overlap slightly with side windshield frame (A-pillars) and headliner.

STEP 4: Lower sunvisors for support.

When not in use, store your AutoHeatShield® like this: Lift sunvisors and pull the AutoHeatShield® sunshade down. Roll up from end to end. Wrap the attached Velcro strap.